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J.A. Grierson

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One war will decide the fate of civilisation. 

One war will decide the fate of civilisation. 



Through the eyes of Sola, a barbarian female gladiator and Avitus, a reluctant Emperor, we live through the fall of the Roman Empire. 


The Last of the Romans trilogy makes a brutal era palpable.Through improbable victories and pitiless losses, Avitus and Sola change the world and the world changes them. Impossible circumstances lead to improbable loves. From over-taxed Roman citizens to demagogic leaders, there is much in the last decades of the Roman Empire that resonates with modern readers. 


Based on fact, this fast-paced, compelling saga unravels what it felt like to live through the collapse of civilisation.


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The Last of the Romans, Book I

River Ran Red Cover3.jpeg

In a whirlwind of fire and savagery, Attila the Hun wheels half a million horseman towards Roman territory. Can the battle-scarred general, Avitus, unite dubious allies and mortal enemies to stop the obliteration of Rome?

The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains rages through the night. Individual acts of bravery and cowardice tip the balance. Rivers run red and burst their banks with blood. Dawn draws a portrait of unimaginable carnage.

In a tale of epic deeds, heroes confront insurmountable odds with honour and courage. Avitus faces a myriad of enemies, both Roman and barbarian, but can one man save civilisation?

“Unrivalled storytelling. Unforgettable characters. Rich historical detail.”

                                        - Alana Bolton-Cooke, author of A Splendid Sin


.."a brilliantly described re-enactment of real historical characters intimately involved in this massive and decisive struggle. Told with all the literary finesse of the finest historical novels and as gripping as Game of Thrones."

                                               - Patric Hale, historian and author


Cloud Ink Press


J. A. Grierson



J.A. Grierson read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Oxford, England and completed a Master of Creative Writing at AUT. She is a published author of non-fiction. 


Rivers Ran Red is her debut novel. The Last of the Romans trilogy is a fast-paced saga, based on fact, that unravels not only how and why Rome fell but what it felt like to live through its collapse.

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